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Pinching pennies. Not an unfamiliar phrase in the midst of inflation as we all try to cope with rising cost of living. But a ‘pinching pennies’ mindset could overwhelm our common sense. One of our most commonly asked questions is, “Can I just have one section of my siding cleaned?”, thinking it will save money. […]


(Yes, you read that correctly.) Translation: A lot of trouble or complaining about a small problem. In this case, a mulch problem… “Keeping up with the Jones’.” It’s a thing. Another cliche: “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.” But what if status quo is only perpetuating misinformation? A freshly mulched garden looks lovely and […]

Symbiotic Solutions: Solar Panels

KEEPING CLEAN ENERGY CLEAN. Increasing concern of energy crisis is causing more people to explore alternative energy solutions. One such solution, Solar Power, is receiving much attention as a viable option in supporting modern power needs. Energy Crisis and Importance of Solar Power Demand of fossil fuels and mismanaged resources have accelerated the need for […]

Pollution, Pandemics, and Polarized Weather

CLIMATE CHANGE: HOW IT AFFECTS YOUR HOME According to the UN, Climate Change is defined as: “Long term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. These shifts may be natural, such as through variations in the solar cycle. But since the 1800’s, human activities have been the main driver of climate change, primarily due to burning […]

A Radical Resident

Hidden Home Dangers: RADON Now, officially winter, we relish in resting and snuggling into the coziness of the indoors. But a silent invader poses a real threat to the sanctuary of our home as a healthy haven: RADON. This radical gas has grown slow attention despite being the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer. January […]

Scare Tactics and FOMO:

How to Avoid Clever Marketing Tricks and Keep a Level Head in a Spending-Surge Season. Benjamin Franklin said: “Money never made a man happy yet, nor will it. The more a man has, the more he wants. Instead of filling a vacuum, it makes one.” We’ve all been there. The moment we acquire that which […]

HIDDEN HOME DANGERS: Electrical Hazards

What you need to know to keep your home and family safe. Electricity. We depend on it, and yet take it for granted. We rely heavily on its stability, but think little of safety. Sadly, it confronts us when we are put in danger by it. The U.S. Fire Administration reports just over 6% of […]


HIDDEN HOME DANGERS: BLACK MOLD. Mold is a fungus which grows and thrives in moist environments. Mold may take on various colors, which signify various types or stages of growth. In all its forms, it becomes dangerous when inhaled or ingested. It simultaneously grows on and decomposes organic matter. Mold, especially black mold in particular, […]

How Drought Affects Your Home

Why Gutter Cleanings are essential~ even in a drought. When weather conditions run dry, more is affected than just your lawn and plants. The trouble runs deeper and broader, affecting wildlife, ecosystems, soil, and foundations. Wikipedia defines drought as: “an event of prolonged shortages in the water supply, whether atmospheric (below-average precipitation), surface water or […]

Back to School: A Lifetime Endeavour

As Summer stubbornly nears its end, September ushers in another year of school education. Young ones anxiously endeavour to expand their minds, growing and learning, shaping them into future adults. As adults, we recognize that true education never ends. We constantly learn and grow from experiences, training, and life. Albert Einstein said: “Education is not […]