We Don’t Do “High Pressure”


Pressure is defined as “the exertion of force upon a surface by an object, fluid, etc.”, and, “to force someone to a particular end, influence.”

Society references “pressure” as status quo in the business world. But high pressure can be destructive, both in business practices, and within the community. At Grime Fighters, we don’t do “High Pressure”…in House Washing, or in sales.

House washing, when done correctly, relies on a soft-wash method, utilizing a lower PSI of 1,000 or less, in combination with a soap that destroys invasive algae, bacteria, and pollution, including the rapid-growing algae, gloeocapsa magma. Using higher pressure might appear more impactful, but the true impact is the damage that results to your siding, stucco, and stone. Water at high pressure can push up behind your siding and house-wrap, fomenting the growth of mold and mildew, rather than removing it. High pressure washing ought to be reserved for more durable surfaces such as sidewalks and concrete.

Perhaps some would argue that high pressure sales are necessary to advance business. But are they? High pressure sales make homeowners uncomfortable… and are really just an exchange for excellence and accountability. As a community-based business, there is no shortcut to building lasting relationships built on Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Quality, and Excellence. Therefore, we will never resort to high pressure sales tactics. When high pressure sales are used it results in short-cuts, empty promises, theatrics, or gaslighting other brands or companies. We want to build up our communities, not tear them down. It is our goal to “Work Hard in Silence. Let Your Success Be Your Noise.”

We are grateful to those in our community who choose our services, whether they be a new customer, or return to us, year after year.