Symbiotic Solutions: Solar Panels


Increasing concern of energy crisis is causing more people to explore alternative energy solutions. One such solution, Solar Power, is receiving much attention as a viable option in supporting modern power needs.

Energy Crisis and Importance of Solar Power

Demand of fossil fuels and mismanaged resources have accelerated the need for a cleaner energy for the health and sustainability of our planet. Temperature extremes also stress an overwhelmed energy demand as well as the increased use of energy draining appliances. Happily, implementing solar power contributes not only to the efficiency of your own home’s demands, but assists the demands placed on power grids, resulting in more consistent energy flow, with less reliance on power grids, lowering costs and pollutants. So, although an energy crisis looms, it might actually become a positive opportunity for change.

In fact, according to the Renewable Energy Corporation, installing solar power has multiple benefits, including:

  • A secure electricity feed.
  • Reduced blackouts.
  • Continuous run of appliances, Wi-fi, and Internet.
  • Less impact of rising energy costs.
  • Stable work-from-home environment.

When it comes to Solar Power, optimal location equals optimal output. The website enelx states: “The more efficient a solar panel is, the more energy output it will have per amount of light hitting the cell, which will, in turn, take up less surface area to meet your energy requirements…The more efficient the panel, the more it will produce compared to a less efficient panel, and the fewer panels you will need.”

According to MIT…”the accumulation of dust on solar panels…can reduce the output of photovoltaic panels by as much as 30% in just one month-so regular cleaning is essential for such installations.”

Researching the right solar solution for your home will help to dictate the amount, type, and orientation of panels you choose. In general, for panels to receive the most sunlight, (energy from the sun), perpendicular placement to the sun’s rays maximizes investment. A helpful resource to educate your choice is:,direct%20light%20throughout%20the%20day.

Keeping Clean Energy Clean

Professional cleaning of Solar Panels is recommended for a variety of reasons including tools, methods, timing, and safety. Solar Panel cleaning is best done in moderate temperatures, avoiding mid-day heat, especially in summer. Ignoring this could damage or destroy the solar panel. Professional cleaning methods make the most of your solar panel output, leaving no residue which could alter its efficacy. Professionals are also equipped with the appropriate tools and equipment to safely clean the panels, which generally tend to be placed in higher, out-of-reach areas. All of this contributes to a safe and efficient cleaning. states a “25% difference in energy collection and production when blocked by dirt, dust, and debris”, which can accumulate rather quickly. Deionized and Distilled water is the most effective cleaning solution as it is clean, safe, and leaves no residue which could further impede the efficacy of the panels. Other water-saving methods of cleaning are currently in research and development so as solar panels can become an even cleaner source of energy.

While it seems at present there is no perfect solution to “clean energy”, there are combined efforts that are making a difference. Professional solar panel cleaning using clean methods and solutions safeguards your investment.

Grime Fighters can help support our neighbours and communities in navigating and maintaining this difference, making the most of your clean energy by keeping it clean and efficient.