Pollen’s Profligacy

How to keep this ostentatious allergen where it belongs.

Just the hint of a warm breeze has us thrusting open our windows, welcoming Spring into our homes. Unfortunately, this includes pollen. That conspicuous golden-chartreuse haze begins to envelop the landscape. But why is this powdery grain more than just a seasonal nuisance, and why should you promptly remove it from your home?

Pollen is the microscopic means by which plants and trees reproduce, being carried by the wind during Spring, Summer, and Autumn. While certain types of pollen are absolutely essential to the life and health of bees, it presents an entirely different proposition for humans. People are allergic to pollen because the body produces an immune response of histamine to the tiny pollen grains that the wind carries to one’s eyes, nose, and lungs. Extreme weather patterns with high winds have increased the pollen allergen potential. This allergic reaction, known as “Pollenosis”, manifests itself in sneezing, stuffy nose, and watery eyes. In extreme cases this can result in “allergic conjunctivitis”, manifested by red, watery, or itchy eyes.

Keeping Pollen Where It Belongs:

  1. Wearing a pollen mask outside when performing outdoor chores minimizes allergic response.
  2. Vacuum floors regularly, even multiple times a week while pollen levels are high; wipe surfaces with a damp cloth to trap pollen, not spread it around.
  3. Wash bedding weekly in hot water. When working outdoors, remove shoes before or upon entry into home, and wash clothes immediately. Do not hang clothes or sheets outside to air dry, as they will become re-contaminated with pollen.
  4. Keep exterior of house clean, including windows, entryways, and walkways. Consider a professional house wash and window cleaning.
  5. Use indoor air conditioning when allergens are high. The A/C unit or Central Air will help to filter your breathable air.
  6. Nasal Irrigation flushes out allergens, reducing allergic response.

Why Consider A Professional to Remove Pollen From Your Home’s Exterior:

Eco-friendly soap is essential to power wash pollen off of your home. DIY pressure washing machines do not have the strength to reach higher peaks of your home, whereas this presents no problem for professional equipment. Professional Power Washing is an efficient, speedy process with a well-trained team, proper equipment, and efficient methods, usually completed in about an hour, in contrast with a DIY, which may take all day.

Promptly removing pollen from your home benefits curb appeal and improves your quality of life by reducing dust and allergens from your home’s exterior and interior, giving you peace of mind and a breath of fresh air.