When Is Fast Too Fast?

In a Post-Pandemic world, we may find ourselves living with one finger on the panic button, leaving us in a constant mindset of hurry. Or, we may have settled into the polar end of complacency and apathy. Life extremes have created an air of instant gratification, live for now mentality.

Marketing has exploited this trend with such catch phrases as “Express Overnight Shipping”, “While Supplies Last”, “Get Rich Quick”, “One Time Offer”, “Act Now”. Each of these phrases is designed to trigger a response. It sends a panic signal to our brain, triggering action without thinking…also known as Fear Of Missing Out.

Patience is a quality that has become somewhat of an endangered species. Panic and instant gratification can strip life of the ability to exercise patience, the ability to STOP, THINK, BREATHE, and to make a good decision that benefits more than oneself. As one quote says: “Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.” Waiting with a good attitude…a quality that takes practice, but benefits many.

In commerce, we are uber-aware of the constancy of supply and demand. Unfortunately, some businesses exchange supply and demand for safety. Instant gratification for consumers somehow eclipses the human element of supply or service. When risks like these cost human lives it is worth evaluating the standards which are thrust aside for the deadline or the dollar.

As Grime Fighters endeavours to be an ever safety-conscious company, questions may be raised about the quality and efficiency of our work. With a safety first policy, some jobs may seem to take longer then necessary, whereas others may seem to be hastily done. Some work may have circumstances which require special attention whereas other jobs may be straightforward. Also noteworthy is the safety of the technicians as they go about their work.

Recent customer feedback has expressed concern over how quickly some work has been accomplished. We’ve heard your feedback and we have implemented systems to ensure we spend the appropriate time relevant to the job. Also, our crew has doubled from last year, so many jobs take half the time as in previous years. These qualifiers can reassure you that you are getting the high quality service that you expect. We appreciate the patience of our customers as we grow and improve as a company. Know that our touchstone is that we will NEVER replace PRODUCTIVITY, MONEY, or SPEED for SAFETY. This should also reassure our customers that we take very seriously the quality of work that affects your home.

We are positive that our efforts in having a bigger-picture standard will serve to strengthen our company and our community.