A Balancing Act

Walking that fine line…

When we think of balance, perhaps we envisage a tight-rope walker, carefully shifting weight, balancing grit and artistry, calculating each movement, aware that any small miscarriage of judgment is followed by consequences. One definition of balance reads: a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions. A balancing act has been defined as: an action or activity that requires a delicate balance between different situations or requirements. It is evident that consequences are interlinked with balance.

At Grime Fighters it may well be said that balance is at the heart of everything we do. Balance is required when scheduling jobs so as not to burn out our hard working team. Balance was required when, for a time, certain work was deemed as hazardous because of the Pandemic. Balance is also needed when assessing if certain work could be damaging to your home or property, such as hazards to porous surfaces, landscaping, or areas in need of repair. Our team exercises balance by placing a high value on life and safety, exercising caution when potential harm could come to human or creature.

Like so many areas of life, it is in examining the elements or circumstances where we find what is required of us. For example, while house washing, one could take a very straightforward approach, simply focused on the end goal: a clean home, rid of all algae, destroying the microbiome of such environment. Not so, at Grime Fighters. While our team is focused on getting the job done, situations sometimes arise that warrant a more balanced approach: Respect for the larger biome of our environment. Our team carefully avoids harming precious life such as baby birds, butterfly chrysalis, the praying mantis, etcetera. It may take a few minutes more to finish the job, but it is these small, kind acts that demonstrate our core values. Keeping an eye on the bigger picture~ those elements which require us to take action~ is what sets us apart. Consequently, such attention to detail is also shown in the respect we show our customers. For it is in these smallest of justices that we choose to make the world a better place.