Pinching pennies. Not an unfamiliar phrase in the midst of inflation as we all try to cope with rising cost of living. But a ‘pinching pennies’ mindset could overwhelm our common sense. One of our most commonly asked questions is, “Can I just have one section of my siding cleaned?”, thinking it will save money. Will it? What are the risks? What is the reality?

Benefits of House Washing:

  • Removes algae, mold, and mildew; Prevents environment fertile for buildup.
  • High humidity and moisture necessitates maintenance in order to protect your investment.
  • Removing algae, mold, and mildew makes your home healthier. House Washing prevents these from negatively impacting your home.
  • It enhances curb appeal and property value.
  • Even a home that appears clean may be dirty. Dust, dirt, and grime may be adhering to the surface. Always wash your home’s exterior before painting it.

Risky Business

Spot Cleaning‘ is not recommended, and is a waste of your time and money. Rather than saving money, very likely, if a section of your siding is dirty enough to be power washed, chances are the contamination is not contained to the dirty section. You would soon notice the need to house wash again. Besides that, professionals are trained to use different levels of psi for different types of cleaning. What homeowners do not realize is that quite often dirty siding looks clean to the untrained eye. What is more, they also do not realize that washing a small section will definitely leave “clean lines”, just as you would see when you remove a long-residing picture from a wall. But beyond aesthetics of how it looks, there are far more serious reasons why it makes sense to do more than spot clean.

Common Cents

The bottom line. All businesses have a bottom line. Running a company is a balancing act. Many factors contribute to the costs, including cost effectiveness for the cleaning company AND the customer, and must determine whether it is a waste of both time and money to clean only one small section. For example, the logistics of the cost of business includes not only the labor force, but also the equipment, detergents, hoses, machines, gas for the vehicle, and regular wear and tear of the equipment and vehicle. With a baseline price just to function, it is not enough to be a viable business to merely break even in cost. Not to mention other factors that could weigh in that increase business costs which can not be compensated for by the customer. Therefore, if a customer wishes for say a 5 foot square section to be cleaned, at a minimum arrival cost of $249, whereas an average complete house wash could be less than double that price, you can see why it makes sense for the company and the homeowner to settle on a full service, when the preparation, unloading and use of equipment, labor force cost, and delivery fees are the same.

Common Sense

Our quality standard is to clean properly and efficiently. Just as you wouldn’t think of only washing one spot or one side of your vehicle, as it would likely make sense for you to properly finish the job if you are going to invest the time or money. Our vehicles, just like our homes, are subject to wear and tear, and are constantly bombarded by elements, dust, dirt, and grime which untended can lead to stains, rust, and loss of value. The same principle applies to your home. Just because you only SEE dirt on one side or spot, does not mean it isn’t there on the rest of your home. For example, NORTH facing sides of homes are much more likely to show the most dirt or grime as they are shielded from the sun and typically more humid. However, the elements and organisms involved in creating this “Hot Spot” still exist all around your home and are easily transported by wind, weather, animals, and natural processes. To an untrained eye, it would seem to make sense to only do what is needed. To a professional, it is wise to invest that same amount of cost and energy to keep a quality standard, which protects YOUR investment and OUR reputation.

In short, we respect your time and money as much as our own. By keeping our quality and standards high, we endeavour to keep prices low. Common sense dictates that we act in the true best interest of our community, for we all share our ‘common cents’.

Symbiotic Solutions: Solar Panels


Increasing concern of energy crisis is causing more people to explore alternative energy solutions. One such solution, Solar Power, is receiving much attention as a viable option in supporting modern power needs.

Energy Crisis and Importance of Solar Power

Demand of fossil fuels and mismanaged resources have accelerated the need for a cleaner energy for the health and sustainability of our planet. Temperature extremes also stress an overwhelmed energy demand as well as the increased use of energy draining appliances. Happily, implementing solar power contributes not only to the efficiency of your own home’s demands, but assists the demands placed on power grids, resulting in more consistent energy flow, with less reliance on power grids, lowering costs and pollutants. So, although an energy crisis looms, it might actually become a positive opportunity for change.

In fact, according to the Renewable Energy Corporation, installing solar power has multiple benefits, including:

  • A secure electricity feed.
  • Reduced blackouts.
  • Continuous run of appliances, Wi-fi, and Internet.
  • Less impact of rising energy costs.
  • Stable work-from-home environment.

When it comes to Solar Power, optimal location equals optimal output. The website enelx states: “The more efficient a solar panel is, the more energy output it will have per amount of light hitting the cell, which will, in turn, take up less surface area to meet your energy requirements…The more efficient the panel, the more it will produce compared to a less efficient panel, and the fewer panels you will need.”

According to MIT…”the accumulation of dust on solar panels…can reduce the output of photovoltaic panels by as much as 30% in just one month-so regular cleaning is essential for such installations.”

Researching the right solar solution for your home will help to dictate the amount, type, and orientation of panels you choose. In general, for panels to receive the most sunlight, (energy from the sun), perpendicular placement to the sun’s rays maximizes investment. A helpful resource to educate your choice is:,direct%20light%20throughout%20the%20day.

Keeping Clean Energy Clean

Professional cleaning of Solar Panels is recommended for a variety of reasons including tools, methods, timing, and safety. Solar Panel cleaning is best done in moderate temperatures, avoiding mid-day heat, especially in summer. Ignoring this could damage or destroy the solar panel. Professional cleaning methods make the most of your solar panel output, leaving no residue which could alter its efficacy. Professionals are also equipped with the appropriate tools and equipment to safely clean the panels, which generally tend to be placed in higher, out-of-reach areas. All of this contributes to a safe and efficient cleaning. states a “25% difference in energy collection and production when blocked by dirt, dust, and debris”, which can accumulate rather quickly. Deionized and Distilled water is the most effective cleaning solution as it is clean, safe, and leaves no residue which could further impede the efficacy of the panels. Other water-saving methods of cleaning are currently in research and development so as solar panels can become an even cleaner source of energy.

While it seems at present there is no perfect solution to “clean energy”, there are combined efforts that are making a difference. Professional solar panel cleaning using clean methods and solutions safeguards your investment.

Grime Fighters can help support our neighbours and communities in navigating and maintaining this difference, making the most of your clean energy by keeping it clean and efficient.

Economizing is a Community Mentality (Buy Local, or Bye, Local)

How you can economize by supporting local business.

The definition of economize is: to spend less; reduce one’s expenses. Economizing means: to practice economy; avoid waste or extravagance. Economizing is on everyone’s mind. When it comes to economizing around your home, reducing one’s expenses of home includes heating and cooling, as well as repair or replacement due to hastened degradation by elements or neglect.

A regularly maintained home by a local business supports economizing by keeping your home clean, therefore lowering potential for damage, degradation, and wasted energy. Instead it actually saves you money in the long run by reducing energy costs, repairs, allergens, accidents, and time and money spent endeavouring a more short-sighted plan of DIY. What is more, supporting your local business to clean and maintain your home means you have professionals trained to identify any potential problem areas around your home that might otherwise be missed.

Why support Local Businesses? Local businesses depend on community support to thrive. And these businesses take seriously the responsibility to care for the needs of their community. Such reciprocity feeds the community, keeping it strong and stable, providing jobs and personalized customer care.

Modern, but not Austere: For example, when my husband and I first married we lived across from a modest hardware store, owned and operated by two brothers. It was a delightful little store, the older gentlemen so eager to assist us with any question or issue we had. Sadly, that time came to an end. Replaced by warehouse style stores designed to save you a buck or two, what is gained in square-footage-supply and demand is lost in customer service and knowledge. Most queries for assistance end in blank stares and shrugged shoulders. Maybe it doesn’t seem like a big deal in the midst of the information age, where a few google taps or alexa-proddings get you an instantaneous answer. But here is the tricky part: the broader knowledge of old school trade and service men has been denigrated to an inferiority to plastic and ones and zeros. Now, this requires extra time learning about the issue behind the DIY. If something goes wrong, its back to the drawing board (or google search). This is NOT the definition of economizing, or of avoiding waste.

If that sounds exhausting, we’re here for you. As a local business in the Lehigh Valley, we take pride in providing our customers community support by professional and friendly service, knowing that we, likewise, are supporting other local businesses of the Lehigh Valley. While we use modern equipment, tools, and practices, we won’t sacrifice the old-school-principles of kindness and professionalism. We are your neighbours, after all.

At Grime Fighters, we delight in giving back to our community. That’s why, for the month of August, we are offering our SUMMER BLOWOUT SPECIAL. Any service booked by August 31st but scheduled for September or October, will receive 15% OFF!

If you’ve already benefited from our services, you can still support our local business. In fact, according to, “referrals count for 82% of new business growth and 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know.” So if you are not currently in need of our services, you are currently in the know.

Support our local business by:

  1. Referring us to friends and family
  2. Supporting us on social media and online, and
  3. Leave a positive review with google.

These small gestures go a long way in building up local business and that means more savings for our customers. Economizing is a community mentality.

Making Amends

Using Negative Feedback to Make a Positive Change.

Nobody enjoys criticism. But constructive criticism can be helpful and transformative if it is 1) Valid, and 2) Honest. As a service company, we rely heavily on feedback to keep our finger on the pulse of the company. We ourselves must be open and honest to that feedback. While the majority of feedback IS POSITIVE, certainly, there are times that there is NEGATIVE feedback.

We so appreciate when that customer reaches out to us so that it can be a learning experience, or even better, a situation rectified by education and returning to satisfy the said issue. When a customer is not short-sighted so as to just air out their complaint in public forum, it can be a powerful force for good. It shows patience and faith and justice when an unsatisfied customer gives us an opportunity to MAKE AMENDS, to learn where we can improve, both in the service being provided, and in customer service.

This kind of feedback allows us to grow and improve as a company. It also serves to build a stronger community relationship by allowing each other the dignity to be human, to have a voice, to learn and grow together. As one customer recently stated: “You have taken a onestarexperience and turned it into a fivestarexperience.”

We so appreciate opportunities like these which help us to maintain our high standards as a company, and to maintain our five-star-quality rating.

When Is Fast Too Fast?

In a Post-Pandemic world, we may find ourselves living with one finger on the panic button, leaving us in a constant mindset of hurry. Or, we may have settled into the polar end of complacency and apathy. Life extremes have created an air of instant gratification, live for now mentality.

Marketing has exploited this trend with such catch phrases as “Express Overnight Shipping”, “While Supplies Last”, “Get Rich Quick”, “One Time Offer”, “Act Now”. Each of these phrases is designed to trigger a response. It sends a panic signal to our brain, triggering action without thinking…also known as Fear Of Missing Out.

Patience is a quality that has become somewhat of an endangered species. Panic and instant gratification can strip life of the ability to exercise patience, the ability to STOP, THINK, BREATHE, and to make a good decision that benefits more than oneself. As one quote says: “Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.” Waiting with a good attitude…a quality that takes practice, but benefits many.

In commerce, we are uber-aware of the constancy of supply and demand. Unfortunately, some businesses exchange supply and demand for safety. Instant gratification for consumers somehow eclipses the human element of supply or service. When risks like these cost human lives it is worth evaluating the standards which are thrust aside for the deadline or the dollar.

As Grime Fighters endeavours to be an ever safety-conscious company, questions may be raised about the quality and efficiency of our work. With a safety first policy, some jobs may seem to take longer then necessary, whereas others may seem to be hastily done. Some work may have circumstances which require special attention whereas other jobs may be straightforward. Also noteworthy is the safety of the technicians as they go about their work.

Recent customer feedback has expressed concern over how quickly some work has been accomplished. We’ve heard your feedback and we have implemented systems to ensure we spend the appropriate time relevant to the job. Also, our crew has doubled from last year, so many jobs take half the time as in previous years. These qualifiers can reassure you that you are getting the high quality service that you expect. We appreciate the patience of our customers as we grow and improve as a company. Know that our touchstone is that we will NEVER replace PRODUCTIVITY, MONEY, or SPEED for SAFETY. This should also reassure our customers that we take very seriously the quality of work that affects your home.

We are positive that our efforts in having a bigger-picture standard will serve to strengthen our company and our community.


“Time is Money”…

Spring has arrived and outdoor maintenance is in full swing. Budding plants and trees renew our spirit with eagerness to clean and beautify our homes. With so many things to be done, each homeowner decides which tasks to do themselves, and which to hire out to a professional. Keenly anticipating outdoor cookouts and gatherings after what feels like the longest two years spent isolating, we may think that it would be most efficient to schedule all such work at once. To a homeowner, it would seem ideal to have everything done in one day, so that tasks do not linger, or go undone. However, it is exactly this “efficiency” which actually proves contradictory, counterproductive, costly, and in many cases, unsafe. Why the problem?

Landscapers, Painters, and House Cleaners do not mix with Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning Services.

Most professional services use large trucks from which they obtain their equipment. Some of this equipment requires long hoses which must be reeled out onto your property, proving a trip hazard. Many professionals use long ladders which must be carefully carried so as not to prove a hazard to other humans, plants, or property. Solvents may be used which may be harmful to new landscaping, or be hazardous to other workers. Heavy trucks may roll over hoses of other companies, causing damage or breakage, costing time and money. In many areas, parking multiple professional service vehicles presents a logistic problem, preventing work to be done. Not to mention the fact that it is counterproductive to schedule moisture (humidity) creating jobs with jobs which require dry conditions, such as mulching and painting. Also, there is the matter of safety, not just in the amount of people working on or in your home, many of which will be focused on their own work, not on the potential hazards around them, including COVID.

From a homeowner’s perspective, this may all seem very convenient, to have a ‘one and done’ mentality. However, it is not convenient for ANYONE, especially the homeowner, when jobs must be rescheduled due to conflict of time, space, efficiency, or safety, or worse still, to be cancelled altogether. All it takes is a little consideration and communication so that each homeowner’s needs may be met in a safe and efficient manner.

Very often, when these principles are ignored, the homeowner is the one who loses out, being unable to be rescheduled in a timely fashion. It is also frustrating for workers, attempting to do their job, having to spend many hours negotiating between the homeowner and the other contractors, instead of efficiently working. This costs companies time and money, when such could be avoided by honest disclosure from the homeowner.

What can you do?

Benjamin Franklin said, “Time is Money”. At Grime Fighters, we respect both your time and your money. We appreciate when our customers reciprocate that respect. When scheduling your Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning Services, it is important to communicate with our Office Manager what other services you may have scheduled the same day, and what time frame they will occupy. This positive, pro-active communication enables us to meet your needs and dynamically function so as to build a stronger community relationship.

The Grime Fighter Team looks forward to rejuvenating your home this Spring!

Planting Community Seeds…

“You cannot stop the death that comes in the winter nor the life that comes with the summer. You can contribute your intelligence and will to the intelligence and movement of a dynamic larger than you. You can plant the seed that will sprout in the spring. You can lay the foundation for a different winter to come after the summer that has yet to arrive. You can only do this for yourself.” -Gary Zukav

We readily acknowledge that we cannot control the dynamic of the changing seasons… how autumn softly lulls us into the sleep of winter. But we also acknowledge the dynamic of being a part of something bigger than us as individuals. At Grime Fighters, we recognize that we are part of a whole. Without our loyal customers, we could not contribute our intelligence and will into the dynamic of our community. And just as the seasons change, our customers’ needs change.

While freezing temperatures may temporarily limit the amount and type of work we do, we by no means stop working. During Winter, Grime Fighters is still working behind the scenes to provide for you, our customer, with improved quality and effort. This is an ideal time for us to ‘plant the seed’ for Spring, making repairs and improvements on our Rig and Equipment, utilizing our maintenance portal, to provide a systematic check for parts, readying our team for Spring.

As we approach the slow season of January, February, and March, we will have reduced cleanings. All outdoor work is weather and temperature dependent, working only above 37 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, bookings are made only one week in advance.

Work that can be scheduled during this time:



HOUSE WASH *above 37F



All Exterior Window Cleaning and Roof Cleaning will be postponed to Spring.

We wish to thank our community for a successful 2021 season! Thank you for your patience and persistence in these challenging times. We look forward to continuing our dynamic relationship together, improving and contributing to a better, cleaner community.

“Paying It Back” is Better Than “Paying It Forward”

Why Paying It Forward May Not Be Enough…

We’ve all heard the expression of “Paying it Forward”, which carries the idea of a random kindness with no attachment. It may do some good, but the anonymity carries a vacancy. What has real longevity is connection, community, and genuineness. “Paying it Back” has power to build relationships.

As a local business that prides itself on helping our neighbors to have cleaner, safer homes, we feel a community responsibility to do our part to educate our neighbors and support those who give back to us. October is NATIONAL FIRE PREVENTION MONTH, so it is important to know how we can practice fire safety in our homes and at our workplace, while supporting our community. What are common fire dangers, and how can we avoid them?








The best way to practice fire safety is to take seriously the responsibility to keep our homes, families, and communities safe from hazards. But more than that, we can support those who put their lives on the line to keep us safe in times of emergency. Pay it Back to those volunteering their time for us. To quote LOWER MILFORD FIRE COMPANY, “We’re neighbors helping neighbors.”

Even the smallest donations can make a difference. Support your local fire company.


What you need to know about changes.

To say the last two years have been inundated with change would be an understatement. While the Pandemic incited many shifts in how we live and work, we have grown and shifted with those changes. We’ve learned a lot about safety and prevention. We’ve also learned about supporting each other, and our communities.

Grime Fighters has seen its own changes, and has safely supported the needs of our growing communities, namely, the Lehigh Valley. In fact, the 2020 Census reports a 6% growth of the county since 2010. And, according to Zillow, the last two years in the Lehigh Valley have seen a housing boom, with 2021 predicted to see the most home sales in a single calendar year, at 6-8 million! These changes together have surged property values, prices up 13% over 2020. Even still, this rapidly moving market averages home sales within 7 DAYS!

What does that mean for you? If you are planning to list your home and want to maximize the potential list price, time is of the essence to take care of any outside maintenance. With just a 7 day potential selling window, chances are there will not be time to schedule cleaning that will benefit your curb appeal ($$$) after you list your home.

Or perhaps you fall into the category of those who have recently moved into the Lehigh Valley. Why not give your home a clean slate, ensuring the protection of your investment? With autumn’s arrival, as well as increased storms due to changes in our climate, your home needs more care and attention. Rain, wind, and falling leaves means your gutters are working overtime. Scheduling a professional Gutter Cleaning NOW prevents your home from taking a beating this season. With storm and flood damage on the rise in our expanded community, including Bucks and Montgomery, it is wise as a homeowner to do as much as possible to protect your home now.

Gutter Cleaning is NOT just about cleaning your gutters. It is also about preventing mold entering your home, as well as protecting your roof, siding, foundation, essentially, the structure of your home. Even your yard and landscaping can suffer from clogged gutters, once again, affecting curb appeal and property value. The real cost here is NEGLECT.

So make a positive change. Choose Grime Fighters for your next Gutter Cleaning. Mention this BLOG for a 10% discount on GUTTER CLEANING scheduled in NOVEMBER.

The Grime Fighter Team is eager to help you!