Safety Tips: Learning From Loss

How We Can Be Safe With Ourselves and Safe With Others

Safety seems to be on everyone’s mind these days, especially as we remember the events of this day 20 years ago. But how can we practice safety in a personal way relevant to our life now, amidst a global pandemic?

Safety starts with each of us practicing healthy habits. Over the past year, on a global scale, we have experienced an unprecedented loss of life. Especially was this felt on this day 20 years ago. One thing that loss teaches us is the value and respect we ought to have for life. Taking a moment of gratitude for our own life, and the lives of our loved ones is the first step in expressing a healthy and safe outlook toward those around us.

Simple safety tips include frequent hand washing, practicing good hygiene, respecting others, practicing kindness, and being honest. Following these basic safety principles cover a wide array of precautions.

Safety can also mean having the courage to ask for help. One study estimated of all injury-related deaths in one year occurring in homes and communities, about 76% were preventable. So, it can be said that practicing safety begins at home.

As we reflect on this day, let us take a moment to think about our homes and families and how we can practice safety at home. Are there repairs that need to be done? Are there any potential hazards to life? Do we practice safety when making such repairs? Simple things like turning off breakers when performing electrical repairs, cleaning up spills, practicing ladder safety, wearing appropriate PPE when working, and being aware of our surroundings, are just small ways we can keep our homes and families safer.

Safety starts with each of us doing what we can to value our lives and the lives of others.