Making Amends

Using Negative Feedback to Make a Positive Change.

Nobody enjoys criticism. But constructive criticism can be helpful and transformative if it is 1) Valid, and 2) Honest. As a service company, we rely heavily on feedback to keep our finger on the pulse of the company. We ourselves must be open and honest to that feedback. While the majority of feedback IS POSITIVE, certainly, there are times that there is NEGATIVE feedback.

We so appreciate when that customer reaches out to us so that it can be a learning experience, or even better, a situation rectified by education and returning to satisfy the said issue. When a customer is not short-sighted so as to just air out their complaint in public forum, it can be a powerful force for good. It shows patience and faith and justice when an unsatisfied customer gives us an opportunity to MAKE AMENDS, to learn where we can improve, both in the service being provided, and in customer service.

This kind of feedback allows us to grow and improve as a company. It also serves to build a stronger community relationship by allowing each other the dignity to be human, to have a voice, to learn and grow together. As one customer recently stated: “You have taken a onestarexperience and turned it into a fivestarexperience.”

We so appreciate opportunities like these which help us to maintain our high standards as a company, and to maintain our five-star-quality rating.