If They’re Not Paying Rent…It’s Time to Say Goodbye!

Do you know the “squatter” stealing your green?

What are humans’ basic needs? Food, water, clothing, shelter. As it turns out, it is much the same for most biological life forms… including those taking uninvited residence in your home.

Take, for example, the invasive, silent “squatter” if you will, growing on your roof and siding. Known as gloeocapsa magma, this seemingly harmless invader can actually cause great damage to your home, if left to its own devices. Carried by wind or animals, this amazing algae outperforms itself. As it takes residence on your roof, it is fed by water, wind, and sunshine. But it does more. As it breaks down on your asphalt shingles, it forms a symbiotic relationship with lichens, trapping moisture, creating an exponential growth potential, which you will recognize as a black streak on your roof. This same algae is delivered to siding, growing, and taking on a green color.

Why is this a danger to your home? As established, all living things have basic needs to live and grow. If these invaders are currently calling your home, their home, it means the environment is a bit too hospitable. Humidity, excess moisture, or even stagnant water could be feeding this algae, that like a bad tenant, needs to be evicted, or could lead to replacement of roof or siding.

It may seem contradictory that in order to eliminate this water loving algae, water must be used to remove it. But more than that, this biological life form must be evicted and destroyed. Relying on a professional soft-wash is the sure way to remove this algae, while protecting your home. An environmentally friendly eco-wash will ensure you can protect your investment. So keep your green where it belongs…in your wallet, not your siding.

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