Fall Is For Flat Surfaces

The Hidden Dangers of Autumn:

When we think of a season’s dangerous weather, we naturally think of winter’s ice and snow, of summer’s violent storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Rarely do we think of autumn. But there is a hidden danger in autumn that can affect your safety outside of your home.

Fall’s foliage is magnificently beautiful. We love how the crunching leaves beneath our feet herald the start of all things cozy. And yet those fallen leaves are also magnificently dangerous when conditions turn wet.

Because of the waxy substance of the leaf, water pools on top of leaves, leaving roads and walkways dangerously slippery. In fact, it has been noted that roads covered in wet leaves are just as dangerous as roads covered in black ice. The difference is that leaves are generally ignored as a threat. However, there are more accidents due to wet leaves on roads than black ice.

This danger is not relegated to the roads, but also relevant closer to home: driveways, walkways, and patios. Adding to the foliage potential is the problem of shade-loving moss and algae growing and thriving amidst leaf covered surfaces. Not only does this create a hazardous environment for humans, it also decreases the lifespan of the material on which it resides. What can be done?

Autumn is the ideal time to remove buildup and treat flat surfaces to inhibit further growth of moss and algae during the wet and dark winter. Conscientious homeowners take the time to sweep away leaves and debris from walkways, keeping them safe for family, neighbours, and delivery men. But removing the slippery hazard of moss and algae requires a bit more.

A FLAT SURFACE CLEANING, using only water and pressure, will clean your walkway, patio, or pavers, leaving no trace of filth. However, if you have any moss or algae buildup, a DELUXE FLAT SURFACE CLEANING is necessary to treat the surface with specially formulated detergent and pressure to eradicate any growth on these surfaces and prolong regrowth by sterilizing these surfaces, making them inhospitable.


  • Treating flat surfaces in the fall removes buildup and the danger of hazardous surfaces.
  • Treating in Spring removes any growth that may have begun in winter.
  • The homeowner can take note of areas of growth or buildup and edit planting overgrowth in those areas that could contribute to shade or still water on walkways.
  • Schedule your DELUXE FLAT SURFACE CLEANING now. Let GRIME FIGHTERS leave you with peace of mind, knowing that you have taken appropriate action to keep your property safe, and remove the hidden danger of Autumn.

home exterior before and after pressure washing


What you need to know about changes.

To say the last two years have been inundated with change would be an understatement. While the Pandemic incited many shifts in how we live and work, we have grown and shifted with those changes. We’ve learned a lot about safety and prevention. We’ve also learned about supporting each other, and our communities.

Grime Fighters has seen its own changes, and has safely supported the needs of our growing communities, namely, the Lehigh Valley. In fact, the 2020 Census reports a 6% growth of the county since 2010. And, according to Zillow, the last two years in the Lehigh Valley have seen a housing boom, with 2021 predicted to see the most home sales in a single calendar year, at 6-8 million! These changes together have surged property values, prices up 13% over 2020. Even still, this rapidly moving market averages home sales within 7 DAYS!

What does that mean for you? If you are planning to list your home and want to maximize the potential list price, time is of the essence to take care of any outside maintenance. With just a 7 day potential selling window, chances are there will not be time to schedule cleaning that will benefit your curb appeal ($$$) after you list your home.

Or perhaps you fall into the category of those who have recently moved into the Lehigh Valley. Why not give your home a clean slate, ensuring the protection of your investment? With autumn’s arrival, as well as increased storms due to changes in our climate, your home needs more care and attention. Rain, wind, and falling leaves means your gutters are working overtime. Scheduling a professional Gutter Cleaning NOW prevents your home from taking a beating this season. With storm and flood damage on the rise in our expanded community, including Bucks and Montgomery, it is wise as a homeowner to do as much as possible to protect your home now.

Gutter Cleaning is NOT just about cleaning your gutters. It is also about preventing mold entering your home, as well as protecting your roof, siding, foundation, essentially, the structure of your home. Even your yard and landscaping can suffer from clogged gutters, once again, affecting curb appeal and property value. The real cost here is NEGLECT.

So make a positive change. Choose Grime Fighters for your next Gutter Cleaning. Mention this BLOG for a 10% discount on GUTTER CLEANING scheduled in NOVEMBER.

The Grime Fighter Team is eager to help you!

House Washing to Winterize


Autumn seems naturally to be the season when life slows down. Days begin to grow shorter. Temperatures begin to lower. We, like our natural environment around us, are ready to take a break. However, this environment actually creates its own potential hazard to our homes.

It is commonly believed that a home’s exterior should be cleaned only once a year, or only if there is a problem area suffering from mold, mildew, or algae. The folly in this assumption is thinking that the problem is isolated, and not ongoing. The truth is, your home is constantly being bombarded by elements, both seen and unseen. And the combination of these elements creates a perfect storm of unseen damage to your home.

High humidity, dust, dirt, excess moisture, and lack of sunlight are the big offenders when it comes to fostering an environment conducive to algae, mold, and mildew growth on your home. So Autumn and Winter can make your home especially susceptible because of the decrease of sunlight, as well as humid and moist weather. And if its been a while since your last house wash, say a season or two, (or more), the accumulated dirt that naturally clings to your home has just laid out a welcome mat of food for fungus.

Both vinyl and wood siding are equally susceptible, though for different reasons. While wood siding is a natural food source for algae and mold, vinyl siding that is covered in dust or dirt, is equally at risk. And, as the North side of your home receives the least amount of sunlight, this is where the problem will most likely be noticed. However, any area of your home that is consistently shaded is in danger. This can include shade from trees, shrubs, awnings, and porches.

So what can be done to remove the problem of mold, mildew, and algae, or better yet, to prevent it?

Prevention is all about what you do right NOW. It costs nothing to take an inspective stroll around your home. First, look for clear evidence of mold, mildew, or algae growth, indicated by spots or streaks of green, brown, black, or red on your siding. Next, check your sources. Are the Gutters clean, in good repair, with water flowing away from your home? Check that any trees, shrubs, or plantings are pruned away from your siding so as not to encourage excess debris or moisture, that could serve as fast food for algae. Finally, check for cracks or damage to any areas of your siding, including covered porches and soffits. Address immediately anything that looks like a danger zone, including the danger of putting off a professional house wash.

Growth that is left untended isn’t just unsightly, it actually causes structural damage to your home’s exterior and interior. Algae and mold thrive and feed on these surfaces, breaking down structural integrity. Consistent, effective cleaning is the only solution to removal of this insidious problem. Regular house washing, preferably every spring and every autumn, is essential to removal and prevention of buildup as it sterilizes surfaces, making them less prone to these dangers.

Before and After House Washing in Lehigh Valley, PA by Grime Fighters

Take advantage right now to ready your home for winter. Scheduling a professional house wash will benefit you in many ways.

  1. Protect your Investment. Damage to your home will not just cost you money in repair or replacement. It actually devalues your property.
  2. A clean home increases curb appeal, and shows that you respect your home and community.
  3. Protecting your home’s exterior also means protecting your health. Keep potential for allergens and respiratory problems at bay.

Ready your home for winter. Schedule your professional house wash service today.


  • First, Gutter Cleaning is a good opportunity to inspect your gutter system, to see that it is in good working order.
  • Strong storms carry debris, leaves, and flooding waters that could clog gutters and downspouts, causing damage to your home and property.
  • Regular Gutter Cleaning also prevents unwanted residents such as mold, insects, rodents, and other pests.
  • Have you moved recently? Scheduling a Gutter Cleaning is a good opportunity to start your new home with a clean slate.
  • Finally, scheduling a Gutter Cleaning after obtaining a new roof and gutters helps to safeguard your investment from the foreboding winter weather, with its cycles of freezing and melting, which can cause ice damming, leaking beneath your roof and walls.
Gutter cleaning prevents unwanted residents.

Get a FREE QUOTE now to prevent damage later!

Safety Tips: Learning From Loss

How We Can Be Safe With Ourselves and Safe With Others

Safety seems to be on everyone’s mind these days, especially as we remember the events of this day 20 years ago. But how can we practice safety in a personal way relevant to our life now, amidst a global pandemic?

Safety starts with each of us practicing healthy habits. Over the past year, on a global scale, we have experienced an unprecedented loss of life. Especially was this felt on this day 20 years ago. One thing that loss teaches us is the value and respect we ought to have for life. Taking a moment of gratitude for our own life, and the lives of our loved ones is the first step in expressing a healthy and safe outlook toward those around us.

Simple safety tips include frequent hand washing, practicing good hygiene, respecting others, practicing kindness, and being honest. Following these basic safety principles cover a wide array of precautions.

Safety can also mean having the courage to ask for help. One study estimated of all injury-related deaths in one year occurring in homes and communities, about 76% were preventable. So, it can be said that practicing safety begins at home.

As we reflect on this day, let us take a moment to think about our homes and families and how we can practice safety at home. Are there repairs that need to be done? Are there any potential hazards to life? Do we practice safety when making such repairs? Simple things like turning off breakers when performing electrical repairs, cleaning up spills, practicing ladder safety, wearing appropriate PPE when working, and being aware of our surroundings, are just small ways we can keep our homes and families safer.

Safety starts with each of us doing what we can to value our lives and the lives of others.

We Don’t Do “High Pressure”


Pressure is defined as “the exertion of force upon a surface by an object, fluid, etc.”, and, “to force someone to a particular end, influence.”

Society references “pressure” as status quo in the business world. But high pressure can be destructive, both in business practices, and within the community. At Grime Fighters, we don’t do “High Pressure”…in House Washing, or in sales.

House washing, when done correctly, relies on a soft-wash method, utilizing a lower PSI of 1,000 or less, in combination with a soap that destroys invasive algae, bacteria, and pollution, including the rapid-growing algae, gloeocapsa magma. Using higher pressure might appear more impactful, but the true impact is the damage that results to your siding, stucco, and stone. Water at high pressure can push up behind your siding and house-wrap, fomenting the growth of mold and mildew, rather than removing it. High pressure washing ought to be reserved for more durable surfaces such as sidewalks and concrete.

Perhaps some would argue that high pressure sales are necessary to advance business. But are they? High pressure sales make homeowners uncomfortable… and are really just an exchange for excellence and accountability. As a community-based business, there is no shortcut to building lasting relationships built on Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Quality, and Excellence. Therefore, we will never resort to high pressure sales tactics. When high pressure sales are used it results in short-cuts, empty promises, theatrics, or gaslighting other brands or companies. We want to build up our communities, not tear them down. It is our goal to “Work Hard in Silence. Let Your Success Be Your Noise.”

We are grateful to those in our community who choose our services, whether they be a new customer, or return to us, year after year.

If They’re Not Paying Rent…It’s Time to Say Goodbye!

Do you know the “squatter” stealing your green?

What are humans’ basic needs? Food, water, clothing, shelter. As it turns out, it is much the same for most biological life forms… including those taking uninvited residence in your home.

Take, for example, the invasive, silent “squatter” if you will, growing on your roof and siding. Known as gloeocapsa magma, this seemingly harmless invader can actually cause great damage to your home, if left to its own devices. Carried by wind or animals, this amazing algae outperforms itself. As it takes residence on your roof, it is fed by water, wind, and sunshine. But it does more. As it breaks down on your asphalt shingles, it forms a symbiotic relationship with lichens, trapping moisture, creating an exponential growth potential, which you will recognize as a black streak on your roof. This same algae is delivered to siding, growing, and taking on a green color.

Why is this a danger to your home? As established, all living things have basic needs to live and grow. If these invaders are currently calling your home, their home, it means the environment is a bit too hospitable. Humidity, excess moisture, or even stagnant water could be feeding this algae, that like a bad tenant, needs to be evicted, or could lead to replacement of roof or siding.

It may seem contradictory that in order to eliminate this water loving algae, water must be used to remove it. But more than that, this biological life form must be evicted and destroyed. Relying on a professional soft-wash is the sure way to remove this algae, while protecting your home. An environmentally friendly eco-wash will ensure you can protect your investment. So keep your green where it belongs…in your wallet, not your siding.

Say “Goodbye” to Gloeocapsa Magma. Get your FREE QUOTE NOW.

Why September is the Perfect Month For House Washing and Gutter Cleaning:

Gutter Cleaning in Macungie, Pennsylvania by Grime Fighters

While the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas of Bucks and Montgomery have had a fairly mild summer, it has, however, had its fair share of storms.  As summer ends with the arrival of September, it is important to use this opportunity to remove the stain of summer from your home.  

High humidity fosters a perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow on your home’s exterior, especially in wooded areas.  Pollutants, especially in urban areas, are carried in the air and settle into this hospitable environment, as well as debris carried by strong winds, delivered to gutters, clogging them and preventing smooth flow of water away from your home.  All of these factors harbor potential damage to your home…and that means a great expense to you. 

By taking advantage of our “2021 Summer Blowout” special for the month of September, you are making the wise and responsible choice of maintaining your home, while saving money now, and in the long run.  

Why not save 10% NOW on all HOUSE WASHING and GUTTER CLEANING booked for the month of September, while saving hundreds or thousands of dollars from the high cost of neglect.

New Beginnings

Welcome to the new GRIME FIGHTERS blog! Join us as we endeavour to impart useful, informative material to our community.

We are very excited to announce that we are now serving MONTGOMERY AND BUCKS counties, as well as THE LEHIGH VALLEY. This includes 309, 202, and 611 including the surrounding areas of Quakertown, Perkasie, Sellersville, Telford, Souderton, Hatfield, North Wales, Montgomeryville, Lansdale, Chalfont, New Britain, Doylestown, Fountainville, Plumsteadville, Dublin, Nockamixon, and more!

As a welcome for our NEW CUSTOMERS from these areas, we would like to offer a 10% DISCOUNT off of ALL SERVICES for 2021. If you’ve been postponing work on your home, this is the perfect opportunity to tick that box at a special savings. Grime Fighters is a well-established community business, serving the LEHIGH VALLEY for OVER 10 YEARS.

Our Services include:








We hope you will consider joining us as our company grows and expands. We look forward to creating and maintaining new relationships with Homeowners, Small Businesses, and Associations.