How to protect your garden without the use of toxins.

In today’s superficial world, we tend to think of failure with such permanence, such disgrace. But failure is only permanent if we don’t learn anything… if we walk away without asking questions, without analyzing, without making improvements. If we don’t learn anything, we can’t change anything.

Thomas Edison said: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

When it comes to gardening, Edison’s sentiments may resonate with our experience. We definitely know what does not work. Gardening, like any endeavour, takes knowledge, hard work, and dedication, but also a bit of dynamic ingenuity. What works one year may not work another. Weather, environment, and ecology play a role as well. Gardening has been relegated to a “hobby” rather than a necessity for living. Could this be part of the problem? Could its demotion be responsible for quick-fix-solutions with long-term-consequences?

Think of your garden like a business. You have a manufacturing plant to produce a product. You have employees. You have customers. You have threats to that business. You have partners to ensure success. You are the CEO, ensuring that everything runs smoothly, knowing that everyone has a role to play. If a machine breaks down, you don’t set fire to the building. You repair the machine.

A garden works in a very similar fashion. There are many contributing ecological elements which can help or harm the success of your “product”. Thinking beyond the ‘end product’, though, is essential if we are to understand gardening as an element of healthful living, as a connection to the environment around us, as well as the impact our choices make.

Here are 5 Key Ways to Protect Plants While Preventing Pests, Without the Use of Chemicals or Toxins.

  1. PREVENTION: Prevention is always the first line of protection. Learning about garden pests is the first step to successfully planning the right tools, plants, and ecosystem that will help our garden to thrive.
  2. BARRIERS: Both organic and inorganic barriers can be used to ward off larger ‘pests’. Fencing, chicken wire, garden netting, cloches, and floating row covers protect the plants physically, while planting Rosemary, Garlic, and Oregano can deter naturally.
  3. BALANCE: Don’t adopt a “mass-genocidal-mentality”. Some pests in the garden are actually beneficial, as they serve as a food source, not only for the “beneficial bugs” in your garden, but also to birds which feed them to their young.
  4. HEALTH: Plants, like humans, are living organisms, which are better equipped to ward off pests and disease when their environment is ideal. STRESS and DIET affect them, too. Knowing the needs of the plant (sun, shade, organic diet) is essential to be well-equipped to fight for their survival.
  5. BIODIVERSITY: Planning a diverse garden also encourages diversity in natural pest control. Interplanting flowering herbs and annuals with vegetables (rather than row planting) confuses pests from isolating their “host plant” and making a meal out of it. “Beneficial bugs” such as ladybugs, bees, mantis, and net-winged insects require pollen and nectar for food, as well as feeding on pests. Planting food sources such as Mint, Cabbage, Sunflowers, and Carrot creates a diversity of pollen and nectar producing flowering plants which encourage their survival, to the benefit of your garden.

In our technologically stimulated world, it is important to ground ourselves in the reality that we are connected to our environment. With long-term thinking and careful planning we can successfully protect our investment, while protecting our environment.

Damage Control

HOME HAZARDS: Preventing Damage Exploited by Services.

Damage Control is defined as: Action taken to limit the damaging effects of an accident or error. In this context, we are referencing the control of potential damage by the homeowner. Of what kind of hazards should the homeowner be aware? And how can damage be avoided altogether?



  • Loose Shingles and Roof Damage. Cleaning a roof in disrepair can lead to Roof Rot, as well as interior mildew and mold growth.
  • Non-functioning (full, broken, unsecure) Gutters. Roof solution leaks lead to damaged landscaping. Grime Fighters reclaims ALL of our roof solution. Damaged gutters inhibit or prevent this process.


  • Gaps. Where siding is not properly overlapped, Powerwash solution can leak behind these areas.
  • Waterproof Outlet Covers. Deteriorating gaskets no longer seal the cover, protecting it from water. Outlet covers in disrepair can cause electrical damage.


  • Loose or Broken Concrete/Sidewalks. Deterioration or cracks can be accentuated by Flat Surface Cleaning.


  • Broken Seals/Gaskets cause leaking into windowsills and walls.
  • Damaged glass can create fogging.
  • Brittle screens may not hold up to cleaning, and could even become a safety hazard to technicians.


According to the website, there are “5 Rules for Damage Control.”

  1. TELL THE TRUTH. “…if you don’t tell the truth, you’ll lose credibility…”
  2. TELL IT FIRST. “If you don’t, someone else will.”
  3. TELL IT ALL. “The more you can tell of your story, the more you’ll control it.”
  4. TELL IT FAST. “The world moves at the speed of Twitter…to protect your reputation, you must move with it.”
  5. TELL IT TO THE PEOPLE WHO MATTER MOST. “A person…should care most about the people who really care.”

In short, if you are aware of any neglect or damage to your home, honesty is the best policy. Better still, would be to TAKE ACTION and address an area of neglect or damage BEFORE scheduling a service. This gives the homeowner peace of mind by doing their part, giving a service company peace of mind, so they can do theirs.

As a last resort, our Grime Fighter Technicians are trained to recognize and point out these areas of potential hazard prior to the service. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to have the house in good repair before we come. As listed in Grime Fighters Terms & Conditions, we are NOT RESPONSIBLE for any damage to the home due to disrepair. Our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE comes from within the quality of our work, not damage from neglect.

Grime Fighters takes great care when it comes to your home. When kindness is coupled with honesty, it reaps a far better outcome for all.

Pollen’s Profligacy

How to keep this ostentatious allergen where it belongs.

Just the hint of a warm breeze has us thrusting open our windows, welcoming Spring into our homes. Unfortunately, this includes pollen. That conspicuous golden-chartreuse haze begins to envelop the landscape. But why is this powdery grain more than just a seasonal nuisance, and why should you promptly remove it from your home?

Pollen is the microscopic means by which plants and trees reproduce, being carried by the wind during Spring, Summer, and Autumn. While certain types of pollen are absolutely essential to the life and health of bees, it presents an entirely different proposition for humans. People are allergic to pollen because the body produces an immune response of histamine to the tiny pollen grains that the wind carries to one’s eyes, nose, and lungs. Extreme weather patterns with high winds have increased the pollen allergen potential. This allergic reaction, known as “Pollenosis”, manifests itself in sneezing, stuffy nose, and watery eyes. In extreme cases this can result in “allergic conjunctivitis”, manifested by red, watery, or itchy eyes.

Keeping Pollen Where It Belongs:

  1. Wearing a pollen mask outside when performing outdoor chores minimizes allergic response.
  2. Vacuum floors regularly, even multiple times a week while pollen levels are high; wipe surfaces with a damp cloth to trap pollen, not spread it around.
  3. Wash bedding weekly in hot water. When working outdoors, remove shoes before or upon entry into home, and wash clothes immediately. Do not hang clothes or sheets outside to air dry, as they will become re-contaminated with pollen.
  4. Keep exterior of house clean, including windows, entryways, and walkways. Consider a professional house wash and window cleaning.
  5. Use indoor air conditioning when allergens are high. The A/C unit or Central Air will help to filter your breathable air.
  6. Nasal Irrigation flushes out allergens, reducing allergic response.

Why Consider A Professional to Remove Pollen From Your Home’s Exterior:

Eco-friendly soap is essential to power wash pollen off of your home. DIY pressure washing machines do not have the strength to reach higher peaks of your home, whereas this presents no problem for professional equipment. Professional Power Washing is an efficient, speedy process with a well-trained team, proper equipment, and efficient methods, usually completed in about an hour, in contrast with a DIY, which may take all day.

Promptly removing pollen from your home benefits curb appeal and improves your quality of life by reducing dust and allergens from your home’s exterior and interior, giving you peace of mind and a breath of fresh air.


“Time is Money”…

Spring has arrived and outdoor maintenance is in full swing. Budding plants and trees renew our spirit with eagerness to clean and beautify our homes. With so many things to be done, each homeowner decides which tasks to do themselves, and which to hire out to a professional. Keenly anticipating outdoor cookouts and gatherings after what feels like the longest two years spent isolating, we may think that it would be most efficient to schedule all such work at once. To a homeowner, it would seem ideal to have everything done in one day, so that tasks do not linger, or go undone. However, it is exactly this “efficiency” which actually proves contradictory, counterproductive, costly, and in many cases, unsafe. Why the problem?

Landscapers, Painters, and House Cleaners do not mix with Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning Services.

Most professional services use large trucks from which they obtain their equipment. Some of this equipment requires long hoses which must be reeled out onto your property, proving a trip hazard. Many professionals use long ladders which must be carefully carried so as not to prove a hazard to other humans, plants, or property. Solvents may be used which may be harmful to new landscaping, or be hazardous to other workers. Heavy trucks may roll over hoses of other companies, causing damage or breakage, costing time and money. In many areas, parking multiple professional service vehicles presents a logistic problem, preventing work to be done. Not to mention the fact that it is counterproductive to schedule moisture (humidity) creating jobs with jobs which require dry conditions, such as mulching and painting. Also, there is the matter of safety, not just in the amount of people working on or in your home, many of which will be focused on their own work, not on the potential hazards around them, including COVID.

From a homeowner’s perspective, this may all seem very convenient, to have a ‘one and done’ mentality. However, it is not convenient for ANYONE, especially the homeowner, when jobs must be rescheduled due to conflict of time, space, efficiency, or safety, or worse still, to be cancelled altogether. All it takes is a little consideration and communication so that each homeowner’s needs may be met in a safe and efficient manner.

Very often, when these principles are ignored, the homeowner is the one who loses out, being unable to be rescheduled in a timely fashion. It is also frustrating for workers, attempting to do their job, having to spend many hours negotiating between the homeowner and the other contractors, instead of efficiently working. This costs companies time and money, when such could be avoided by honest disclosure from the homeowner.

What can you do?

Benjamin Franklin said, “Time is Money”. At Grime Fighters, we respect both your time and your money. We appreciate when our customers reciprocate that respect. When scheduling your Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning Services, it is important to communicate with our Office Manager what other services you may have scheduled the same day, and what time frame they will occupy. This positive, pro-active communication enables us to meet your needs and dynamically function so as to build a stronger community relationship.

The Grime Fighter Team looks forward to rejuvenating your home this Spring!

Top 5 Reasons to Power Wash in Spring and Who Should Do It

Spring’s imminent arrival beckons us to begin anew. We eagerly clean and prepare to welcome longer days and warmer breezes into our home. It is therefore crucial that we also properly clean the exterior of our homes during this season of transition.

Weather extremes have certainly contributed to a significantly volatile season. And not to be ignored is the effect on our homes. Abundant moisture and humidity create a breeding ground for algae, mold, and mildew. Strong winds are not only destructive to your home’s exterior, they also carry debris to areas of moisture which becomes food for mold and algae. Furthermore, dirt and debris have lodged themselves in the cracks, corners, and crevices of your home’s exterior. Fluctuating temperatures forcing freeze and thaw cycles wreak havoc on salted, flat surfaces. Decks and patios covered in winter’s slime create hazardous pathways. Gutters forced beyond capacity by heavy moisture, weakened by strong winds, can become destructive to your roof and siding. These factors are even more probable if your home was not winterized last Autumn, in preparation of Winter’s wet weather and decreased sunlight, which only increase the likelihood of growing grime.


  • INVITE. (The guests you don’t want.) Your home could be extending an invitation for destructive organisms.
  • INSPECT. An excellent time and opportunity to check your home’s exterior for potential damage, before it becomes structural damage.
  • IDEAL. Milder weather and temperatures along with extended daylight, provide an ideal time for power washing.
  • IRRITANTS. Spring allergens (pollen, dust, and dirt) are at their highest levels. House washing, flat surface cleaning, and window cleaning will keep these allergens where they belong.
  • INVIGORATE. Earth springs back to life and we do, too. Take advantage of the longer days to lift your spirits and breathe life back into your home. Make your home your haven.

There is no shortage of task lists and outdoor projects in Spring. In fact, it is synonymous with the season. Rather than feeling overwhelmed with Spring Cleaning, rely on the professionals to help get the job done.

Here’s why Grime Fighters has the edge over your D.I.Y.

  • TOOLS, TRAINING, TECHNIQUE. There are different solutions and treatments for different jobs. Your siding requires a different psi than your sidewalk. Whether it is slimy siding or spot-free windows, our team is trained to understand and provide your home’s unique needs so you don’t have to spend your Saturday stuck in a learning curve.
  • SAFETY, HONESTY, TRUSTWORTHINESS. Safety and Honesty are the hallmarks of everything we do at Grime Fighters. That means our team acts safely, honestly, and professionally AT ALL TIMES. Taking care of your home is not just our job, it’s part of our community responsibility. Great care is taken in scheduling and executing work so as to build trust with our neighbours, whether in our local Lehigh Valley, or neighboring Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

At Grime Fighters, your needs come first. You don’t trust just anyone to clean and protect your home. Whether you need to clean your sidewalk, deck, patio, siding, windows, or gutters, trust Grime Fighters to revive your home this Spring.

Salty Paws, Pitted Sidewalks, and Parched Plants

How to Safely Minimize the Damaging Impact of Rock Salts on People, Pets, Property, and the Environment.

Treachery: From the Old French word, “trechier”, meaning: to cheat. Treachery is defined as cheating, trickery, or deceit; betrayal of trust; deceptive action or nature. When it comes to winter, there is a bit of “cheating” that can indeed be treacherous.

Rock Salt, comprised of large amounts of Potassium Chloride or Sodium Chloride, certainly cheats the effects of wintry ice and snow, but underneath that briny veneer lies a formidable breach of trust. While paving the way for safer, drier traction on slippery surfaces, untold damage lurks beneath. Rock salt may be friendly to your wallet, but has a great cost on humans, pets, property, and the environment.

Dangers include “salt burns” and rashes to exposed skin, accidental ingestion leading to vomiting, coughing fits and gastrointestinal symptoms, accidental exposure to pets and other animals leads to diarrhea, vomiting, seizures, fatigue, drooling, disorientation, long-term gastrointestinal issues, and salt poisoning. Further damage is seen in scorched plants as the melted solution seeps into the soil, as well as topically, dehydrating plants of moisture and nutrients. The soil becomes less fertile as salty concentrations create poor water infiltration and erosion. When large amounts of rock salt are used it seeps into the water supply, harming aquatic life and damaging drinking water.

When it comes to your home and property, the immediate benefits of rock salt are outweighed by long-term damage. The chlorides that quickly work to melt ice and snow create a brine that breaks the surface tension of ice on concrete, but also weakens the surface of concrete, resulting in disintegration. The subsequent freeze/thaw cycle that is created deteriorates concrete, creating pockets which allow more moisture to penetrate the surface, and thus slowly chip away as the integrity of the substrate breaks down. These chlorides similarly corrode steel, break down wood decking, even “burning” or “bleaching” indoor flooring.

Happily, there are safer alternatives, equally as effective, without such caustic effects. Other types of ice melts comprised of magnesium chloride and calcium chloride, cost slightly more, but prove their efficacy in lower freezing points, reducing the risk of salt burns, and proving more effective longevity in colder temperatures. Care and discretion must still be exercised as these do not provide as much traction, but can easily be supplemented by substrates such as kitty litter, sand, and coffee grounds, the latter of these also acting as natural ice melt, absorbing sunlight, heating surfaces to melt ice and snow, while providing extra traction. To protect our indoor and outdoor furry friends, look for a product that features “Pet Safe” on the label.

Other safety measures include storing any ice melting product in a sealed, air-tight container, away from sunlight and moisture, to prevent accidental leaching or spilling. Do not allow direct contact with skin or paws. Apply on surfaces before a storm arrives to minimize potential build-up. After a storm, first remove snow by shoveling, then use ice melt minimally, supplementing with traction alternatives as sand, coffee grounds, or kitty litter. Upon finishing, always remove shoes so as not to track substrates into the home, and immediately wash your hands, to prevent any accidental ingestion in yourself, or family members, especially the furry ones.

When it comes to safety, we would not intentionally harm ourselves, our loved ones, or our environment. Educating ourselves, we can make better choices for our family, our home, and our planet. Small choices can have a big impact.


“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” -Dan Millman

David Allan Coe said, “It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.” After one of the busiest and longest working seasons to date, Grime Fighters anticipates an even better season this year, 2022. We want to show our appreciation to our loyal customers (and new ones) for returning time and again. Therefore we are excited to reveal some improvements that will benefit both our technicians and our customers, at no extra charge.

At Grime Fighters, we are constantly striving to improve safety measures. It is our primary concern! The safety of our technicians and the safety of your property are reflected in our improvements and goals. Safety, Efficiency, and Quality of People, Water, and Systems are the hallmarks for which we endeavour. Therefore, this season embarks with changes to staff, more training, and education including new methods, tools, and innovation. This includes a 3-PHASE UPGRADE with the goal of radically reducing our liability footprint, increasing the safety of our technicians and of our customers’ landscaping.


  • New low-friction, high-volume hoses
  • New state-of-the-art pumping system
  • New brushes
  • New DI water filtration

(Maximizes efficiency of time, water, cleaning agents. No excess, no waste.)

  • New Mixing Valve Station

(Meters all fluids so as to only use precisely what is necessary.)


As our highest liability service, we are taking steps to streamline, with a special project to be released at a later date.

How will you, the customer, benefit from these changes, upgrades, and improvements?

  • Higher Quality, without a price hike.
  • Reduced Liability.
  • Efficiency. Technicians will not be there any longer than is necessary.

Grime Fighters also benefits from these changes.

  • Better use of resources.
  • Performance Improvement.
  • Safer Work Environment.

To show our appreciation to our customers, we want to give you more, without paying more. Therefore, for the month of February, beginning February 1st, we are offering a special:

  • 20% EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT to any LEHIGH VALLEY customer that refers a MONTGOMERY COUNTY customer.


Every business has growing pains. Every business goes through changes. Smart businesses dynamically shift with changes, allowing such to create room for improvement, not stagnancy for stubbornness. Every business has small beginnings. Its how we build on those small beginnings that matters.

“You can be miserable; or you can be strong. The amount of work is the same.”

Wistful Wintering


“Don’t forget: Drink water and get some sunlight. You’re basically a houseplant with more complicated emotions.”

Imagine you are a plant. You look strong and healthy, but you exist in harsh, demanding conditions. Your soil is dry, lacking nutrients, you haven’t been watered in a week or two, you need the right amount of sunlight, but instead are scorched or shaded. Your leaves are showing the effects of stress.

Are you feeling stressed? Probably. Like a houseplant, our body, mind, and heart are all affected by stress. Like drying, decaying leaves, we may be feeling the effects of our demanding conditions. Busy schedules, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, work and life tension, and, of course, a global pandemic, all put strain on our minds, hearts, and bodies. There is much we can do to combat this stress, strengthen ourselves and others in our families and communities.


Low energy, headaches, stomach and GI issues, aches and pains, chest pain, rapid heartbeat, insomnia, frequent sickness.

According to, 3 long-term effects of stress include heart attack, stroke, and hypertension. This is due to consistently elevated heart rate, blood pressure, and stress hormones. This also affects cholesterol levels and causes inflammation in the circulatory system.


  1. REGULAR EXERCISE. It may seem contradictory, but a healthy elevated heart rate can actually lower a stressed elevated heart rate. Regular exercise lowers cortisol, releases pain-killing endorphins, and promotes more restful sleep and positivity. A nature walk can be especially calming and energizing.
  2. LOWER CAFFEINE/DRINK GREEN TEA. High caffeine intake increases anxiety and stress. And if you are a Luxury Latte Lover, this also means extra sugar and empty calories. The temporary benefits are also fueled with long lasting consequences. While coffee has some health benefits, like anything, needs to be kept in moderation. Contrarily, switching to green tea for a boost can actually lower stress and anxiety. It also improves brain function, increases fat loss, protects against cancer, and lowers the risk of heart disease.
  3. AROMATHERAPY. Scent has amazing power to help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. A nice non-toxic choice is diffusing essential oils in your home or car. Some nice stress and anxiety relieving options are: Lavender, Patchouli, Lemon, Grapefruit, and Vanilla. Tree oils such as Spruce, Pine, and Cedarwood can also be very grounding.
  4. MAKE LISTS/GRATITUDE JOURNALING. Writing a daily list of goals and chores helps to discharge stressful thoughts. Gratitude Journaling replaces negative thoughts with positive ones. Taking a few moments to express yourself on paper helps you to center yourself, and not impose your stress on those around you. Set goals and be reasonable with yourself and others. Ask for help when necessary.
  5. LEARN TO SAY NO. So much of life can make us feel out of control. Learn how to healthily take control of what you can change and what causes you stress. This can include unhealthy coping habits we may have developed as a crutch in dealing with stress. Take control of yourself. Take note of what makes you feel overwhelmed. Clutter, procrastination, and overextension of ourselves can leave us drained, anxious, and angry. Take action to declutter, hold yourself accountable to deadlines, and decline invitations or situations that may be more than you can handle at the moment.
  6. EATING SEASONALLY. Our bodies were designed to work in harmony with the earth. Our bodies require different needs each season. During Winter, we need extra Vitamin C to boost immunity. Eating seasonal citrus fruits helps ease stress by giving the body what it needs. Root vegetables, grains, and meat are also key to keep us warm and sustain our calorie-burning-shivering bodies. Search the internet for seasonal eating guides and recipes.
  7. KINDNESS, SENSE OF HUMOUR, AND CONNECTION. “We rise by lifting others.” Kindness, Humour, and Connection cost nothing and is some of the most powerful medication in coping with stress and anxiety. By caring for our mind, heart, and body, we not only strengthen ourselves for the inhospitalities of the season, but we also put a better version of ourselves into the world. Even in our challenge-filled climate, can we find ways to promote positivity, longevity, and compassion.

We are all struggling with something. Learning healthy coping skills not only reduces stress, but makes us better able to help others in need, as well as find a healthier existence in a stressful world. Like a houseplant, we need to nurture ourselves to benefit others around us. Neglecting the shifting needs of the season can leave us feeling brittle and withering. Learning to embrace change actually enables us to cope with it. After all, the earth does it every day.

A Balancing Act

Walking that fine line…

When we think of balance, perhaps we envisage a tight-rope walker, carefully shifting weight, balancing grit and artistry, calculating each movement, aware that any small miscarriage of judgment is followed by consequences. One definition of balance reads: a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions. A balancing act has been defined as: an action or activity that requires a delicate balance between different situations or requirements. It is evident that consequences are interlinked with balance.

At Grime Fighters it may well be said that balance is at the heart of everything we do. Balance is required when scheduling jobs so as not to burn out our hard working team. Balance was required when, for a time, certain work was deemed as hazardous because of the Pandemic. Balance is also needed when assessing if certain work could be damaging to your home or property, such as hazards to porous surfaces, landscaping, or areas in need of repair. Our team exercises balance by placing a high value on life and safety, exercising caution when potential harm could come to human or creature.

Like so many areas of life, it is in examining the elements or circumstances where we find what is required of us. For example, while house washing, one could take a very straightforward approach, simply focused on the end goal: a clean home, rid of all algae, destroying the microbiome of such environment. Not so, at Grime Fighters. While our team is focused on getting the job done, situations sometimes arise that warrant a more balanced approach: Respect for the larger biome of our environment. Our team carefully avoids harming precious life such as baby birds, butterfly chrysalis, the praying mantis, etcetera. It may take a few minutes more to finish the job, but it is these small, kind acts that demonstrate our core values. Keeping an eye on the bigger picture~ those elements which require us to take action~ is what sets us apart. Consequently, such attention to detail is also shown in the respect we show our customers. For it is in these smallest of justices that we choose to make the world a better place.

Planting Community Seeds…

“You cannot stop the death that comes in the winter nor the life that comes with the summer. You can contribute your intelligence and will to the intelligence and movement of a dynamic larger than you. You can plant the seed that will sprout in the spring. You can lay the foundation for a different winter to come after the summer that has yet to arrive. You can only do this for yourself.” -Gary Zukav

We readily acknowledge that we cannot control the dynamic of the changing seasons… how autumn softly lulls us into the sleep of winter. But we also acknowledge the dynamic of being a part of something bigger than us as individuals. At Grime Fighters, we recognize that we are part of a whole. Without our loyal customers, we could not contribute our intelligence and will into the dynamic of our community. And just as the seasons change, our customers’ needs change.

While freezing temperatures may temporarily limit the amount and type of work we do, we by no means stop working. During Winter, Grime Fighters is still working behind the scenes to provide for you, our customer, with improved quality and effort. This is an ideal time for us to ‘plant the seed’ for Spring, making repairs and improvements on our Rig and Equipment, utilizing our maintenance portal, to provide a systematic check for parts, readying our team for Spring.

As we approach the slow season of January, February, and March, we will have reduced cleanings. All outdoor work is weather and temperature dependent, working only above 37 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, bookings are made only one week in advance.

Work that can be scheduled during this time:



HOUSE WASH *above 37F



All Exterior Window Cleaning and Roof Cleaning will be postponed to Spring.

We wish to thank our community for a successful 2021 season! Thank you for your patience and persistence in these challenging times. We look forward to continuing our dynamic relationship together, improving and contributing to a better, cleaner community.